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Mine Site Haul Truck LED Lighting-Our 18,720 Lumen double-row LED light bar solution


Everyone Knows, when it comes to mining, safety is the most important. Untill now mine sites have relied on high power but overall, quite low life Xeono driving lights & spot lights to keep their paths illuminated, and the result has been far from what end users hope.

With Xeon lights being notoriously fragile, they have a habbit of breaking down when you need them most, and a lot of mining companies have been left in the dark with nowhere to turn. Untill now that is the fact.

In the original manufacturer of Guangzhou Teehon Electronics Co., LTD. , we have found the answer for mine sites everywhere in the form of the TH-LB2288, 18,720 Lumen, IP68 Rated double-row LED light bar, specifically designed to cater for agricultural and mining applications.


The TH-LB2288 is truly a monster light. This Completely Chinese designed LED off-road light is built to be Dust Proof, Waterproof and able to withstand up to 17Gs and making it completely Shockproof as well.

The TH-LB2288 boasts a completely self contained system, with no complicated wiring, no ballast, no warm up time and no globes to replace.

The TH-LB2288 runs on the latest high-intensity EPISTAR LED TECHNOLOGY and produces 18,720 lumens of pure white uninterrupted light. Each LED is rated to around 30,000 Hours of operation (thats over 3 1/2 years of life if you ran them 24 hours a day without rest).

The TH-LB2288 is designed to take punishment, with a close to unshatterable lens and reinforced aluminium firm mounting bracket securing the lens housing, this TH-LB2288 will give years of unrivaled and unfaultering operation even in the harshest of most Mining environments such as in Australia,Kyrgyz Republic,Canada,etc.


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