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E-mark R65 compatible LED strobe work light flashing in three colors mode

LED strobe work light flashing in triple color mode
Basically, a LED work light can only provide one color illumination just for auxiliary lighting purpose, whose standard color temperature is 6000K.

However, the market requires more colors modes in one lamp for mult-purpose applications, such as LED signal warning, side marker, turning, fog illumination and safety indicators on vessels.

Now we would like to recommend our latest 54W SMD LED strobe work light in three colors flashing mode.

This newest LED strobe work light has the follwing features:

1) white color without strobing for driving illumination, blue color LED flashing for side marker, red color for signal warning
2) triple colors in one lamp for visible lighting, one strobe per adjustable 0.25~0.5 seconds as per order request
3) 6pcs of 3030 white SMD LED, 6 pcs of 3030 blue SMD and 6 pcs of 3030 red SMD LED in one lamp, excellent heat cooling design, lifespan above 50,000 hours
4)other color SMD LED such as amber,green or more is available for choice
5)easy to install, spot beam type shooting longer at night without glare

For more info about this latest item, please browse the 54w 3030 SMD three color LED strobe work light.
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