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Teehon factory restarted mass production on February 26th after passing legal verification

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus case in January, all of Chinese factories and companies had to prelonged their holiday after Chinese lunar new year holiday according to the annoucement of Chinese state council.

Thanks to the effective quarantine measures and strong leadership of Chinese central governments, the novel COVID-19 infection is under good control since the middle of February. 

On February 25th, we obtained legal permission to restart our production from Guangzhou local government authorities after we finished applications based on all of the epedimic prevention procedures.

On the morning of February 26th, most of our workers who had returned to the factory wore respirators began to sanitize all of the in-house workshops and workares such as LED encapsulation, PCB clean room, LED assembling lines,etc to disinfect everywhere in the factory for the safety of workers and office staffs.
disinfection work in our LED encapsulation
Special disinfection spay in our LED encapsulation

sterilization process near SMT machines

sterilize the PCB clean room

According to the guideline of Disease control centre of Guangzhou city, all of our workers and staffs will be kept away from other contacts from other areas for 14 days starting from the first day when they arrived at Guangzhou. The workers and staffs are only allowed to dine in our own canteens and stay in the domitories during the quarantine period.

Starting from February 27th, every day, our workers will sanitize the workareas at noon and in the evening by special-purpose 360 degrees fumigation sprayer to kill any unknown virus that can endanger the safety of life.

fumigation process every day
regular fumigation during the resting time in the PCB clean room
Regular fumigation process in the PCB clean room at noon every day

Our mass production is normalizing step by step this week because most of our workers are in place at the end of February. Our complete in-house production facilites and sufficient inventory of materials in the warehouse will ensure our stable production and accurate lead time for any new orders we have concluded with our international clients and business partners.
Some of the workers are assembling the led work lamps
Some of our workers with good protections are under work.
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