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Teehon international sales team is present at InterAuto Moscow 2023 in Russia

InterAuto Moscow 2023 will present the latest innovations of Russian and Chinese producers of automotive components and accessories as well as products and equipment for vehicle maintenance.

This 18th International Automobile and Parts Exhibition is held at the Crocus Exhibition Hall from August 22 to 25, 2023.

Russia has a total of about 55 million cars. At present, Russia is still the country with the highest car ownership in Eastern Europe. Potential car buyers and replacement owners provide huge market development space for new vehicles, new energy and intelligent vehicles. The huge car ownership provides a strong driving force for the development of auto aftermarket parts and auto tuning market.

The Russian auto parts market is divided into two parts: the primary market and the secondary market. The primary market (OEM) sells parts that are used to build cars in factories, while the secondary market (aftermarket) sells parts that are sold in auto stores. In other countries, the primary market dominates, while in Russia it is the aftermarket, which is dominated by parts for Russian cars.

This year, Teehon will showcase more novel automotive led work lamps,led strobe warning lights for police cars,fire trucks and ambulances as well as truck led side lights and taillights at the venue. Also, as a one-stop solution professional supplier, we also bring some semi-finished components such as PCBAs and optics to the trade show. Any OEM requirements or custom-made PCBA requirements can be met for specific requests.

We welcome international customers to visit our booth and check our samples for further communications.
Teehon salespersons at 18th International Automobile and Parts Exhibition in Moscow

Booth no: D312 at hall 5
Venue: Crocus expo Mezhdunarodnaya 16, Krasnogorsk 143401,
Krasnogorsk area, Moscow,Russia
Date: August 22-25, 2023

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