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Is it possible to adjust the beam angle, illumination width of laser pod lights with adjusting tool

In most cases, the beam angle of laser pod lights installing Osram leds, also referred to as laser light pods, cannot be adjusted with an physical tool.  

These lights typically have a fixed focus lens designed to project a specific beam pattern, often a narrow beam for long-distance spot lighting.

Here is why:
1)Fixed Optical len: Osram Laser pod lights are designed with a transparent optical lens and laser configuration to achieve a focused beam for long-distance illumination. This configuration prioritizes power concentration over adjustability.
2)Safety Concerns: Laser lights are inherently dangerous, and changing the beam path can increase the possible risk of eye injury. Altering the focus of a high-powered laser light could scatter light and make unexpected hazards.
Here are some alternative approaches to achieve wider beam width for desired effect:
1) Positioning: You can adjust the position of the laser pod lights themselves. Angling them upwards will decrease the throw distance and potentially widen the illuminated area closer to the pod.
2) Multiple Laser Pod Lights: Consider using multiple laser pods with different aiming angles. This creates a wider lighting coverage while maintaining the long-distance throw of individual laser pods.
3) LED chips option: If adjustability is crucial, we can adopt high power sanan leds such as 40w or 120w instead of 10W Osram led for wider predefined beam width. By special-purpose adjusting tool, we can adjust its beam width in some way by hand.
adjusting the beam width by simple adjusting tool
different beam width of laser pod lights installing 40w or high power sanan leds
If you require more precise control over the beam angle, consider alternative led lighting options like LED light bars with adjustable mounting brackets and optics. These offer greater flexibility in directing the light.
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