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Rigid Industries revolutionizes the LED light bars yet again


Rigid Industries announced Monday they are releasing over 100 new products that will raise the LED light bar again for the off-road LED industry. The companys legacy line, the E-Series LED light bar received a 30% increase in output and the RDS-Series radius LED light bar, the new Hyperspot optic and Ford F-250/350 Super Duty Grille attacted eyesights at SEMA show 2013 in Las Vegas last week.


Rigid Industries revealed the new E-Series legacy bar with an increase in output, and not a penny increase in price. The E-Series LED light bar with lengths of 4 inch , 6 inch and 10 inch also received more than a stylistic change that decreases the entrance of particles from the environment into the housings, and added a built-in Germany plug. With the increase in efficiency and output, this rugged LED light bar takes the lead in the market and will keep its competitors guessing. According to Rigid Industries CEO Jason Christiansen, "Its the highest tier LED light of its kind and with the increase in power it will revolutionize technology today and into the future, guaranteed."


These latest LED light bars utilize Rigid Industries Specter optics system. These optics allow a great amount of light distribution and debuts the all new, patent pending Hyperspot optic option. The combo optic system is the best mix for distance and spread. Customers quickly realize that the Rigid Industries light bar does not need exciting and new technologies to be a great light, but Rigid does it anyway.


The RDS-Series is the legendary flagship E-Series LED light bar treated to a gentle arc, creating a curve in a 20"-54" extruded aluminum housing and packed full of Rigid Industries latest advancement in the Spot LED technology to produce an surprising custom look for any car, truck or offroad vehicle. The RDS-Series is the apex of form and function.


The new Q-Series of LED lights are designed for the harshest of working environments, made of the most durable materials and tested by the strictest standards. The Q-Series is four Dually or D2 lights in one large robust housing and contains a vibration isolator and 304 Stainless brackets. The Q-Series even has one option of a half spreading cover so you have the distance and scene lighting. With the increased demand in the agriculture, fire and rescue, commercial truck, and power sports industries, this Q-Series will literally turn the darkness into daylight.

These latest products porfolios are going to be great LED light bars for a very long time, it may be said making them the most "future-proof" LED lights ever made by Rigid. Balancing innovation with refinement and delivering excellence in innovation is what makes a company competitive. The two-piece E-Series and the new patent pending Hyperspot optic are the representation of that concept.

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