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Hella supplies full-LED lighting technology for Audi A6


Hella, a leading supplier of automotive lights and electronics, is providing an optional LED headlamp system with adaptive front lighting for the 2011 Audi A6.

Hellas "intelligent" LED lighting technology is one of four headlight systems the company supplies to Audi for the A6. Relying on 64 LEDs to provide light spreading for many driving situations, Hellas system generates light that is much closer to actual daylight than light from other systems, improving driver vision during evening hours and increasing overall comfort and safety.


"The Audi A6s sporty appearance is improved by LED lights as well," Steffen Pietzonka says, vice president of marketing for Hellas automotive lighting group. "Our LED lights system clearly contributes to the particular styling that distinguishes the Audi A6 from other luxury cars."


The Audi A6s LED headlamps automatically create light patterns suitable for city, country and highway driving situations, as well as for bad weather conditions. Settings to reduce glare in fog or heavy rain, for example, provide a broader range of light than traditional fog lamps.


"Hellas work with Audi on the A6 continues a partnership that began in 2008, when the company was chosen to provide the first full LED headlamp system for the Audi A8," Pietzonka points out. "Within a relatively limited front-end space, our design engineers have combined a complicated lighting design with a truly intelligent lighting system."


Drivers have a choice of four Hella headlight systems on the A6, including a halogen system, static as well as camera-controlled high-intensity discharge (HID) systems and a full LED lights system.


Hellas dynamic headlamp-leveling feature is offered with the Audi A6s HID and LED systems. The feature adjusts for changes in headlamp angle caused by braking, rapid acceleration or road conditions to maintain best visibility for the driver without blocking oncoming traffic.


The Audi A6s HID lighting, in both static and AFS versions, displays Hellas lighting and electronics expertise as well, Pietzonka adds.


With the companys camera-controlled HID lighting systems, a windshield camera detects oncoming vehicles. The system adapts the shape of the front headlight beams to avoid blinding oncoming traffic, while providing the best possible range of light for all driving conditions. If the road is clear in the front, the system automatically changes to high beam. Wide lighting of the road continues until other vehicles come into view.


Vehicles equipped with the camera controlled HID lighting system also use data from rain and light sensors, as well as from the vehicles navigation system, to further control vehicle lighting and enhance driver safety. Based on navigation-system input, for example, the system widens a cars front-lighting pattern when approaching traffic crossings to provide a broader range of vision and help the driver detect pedestrians, bicycles and other vehicles.


In addition to headlight systems, Hella supplies the Audi A6 with a unique 24 GHz radar sensor system. First used on the Audi Q7, it supports the cars lane-change assist function by monitoring traffic to the rear and on both sides of the vehicle.

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