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Volkswagen uses automotive LED lights for energy and cost savings


Lunera Lighting, Inc., a Silicon Valley company that designs, manufactures, and markets next-generation automotive LED lights, is pleased to announce that Volkswagen of America has installed its 2200 SERIES of architectural, grid lay-in lighting and 6400 SERIES of linear, suspended LED lights in Volkswagen Group of America’s Belmont, Calif.


" We appreciate that a visionary facility of this type recognizes the consistent high quality light our LED lights deliver. As electronics experts, they also understand the cost saving and environmental benefits of vehicular LED lighting technology,”said Karen Owyeung, CEO for Lunera Lighting.


" As an automotive company, Volkswagen will benefit from the reduced energy consumption and fast return on investment the Lunera 2200 SERIES and 6400 SERIES delivers; the increased productivity a well-lit work environment brings; and the good will environmental responsibility demonstrates to the society," expressed Burkhard Huhnke, Executive Director of Volkswagen Group’s Electronics Research Laboratory.


Luneras award-winning LED lightings are elegant, low profile LED lights built to last over 50,000 hours.Precision optics enables the LED lights to provide long-distance near-daylight lighting, with a single, soft shadow.Designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency, quality and reliability, each LED provides consistent light color through Luneras own truLITE™ Color Consistency Process. The versatile 2200 SERIES directly replaces 2 by 4 fluorescent notches in standard grid ceilings and can also be surface mounted.


Fully recyclable, Luneras LED lights lower much energy usage, cuts routine maintenance costs, and does not contain any harmful materials. To provide increased energy savings, the 2200 SERIES features easy integration with controls for 0-10V dimming, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting. The hung 48 inch by 6.7 inch 6400 SERIES features a sleek, blade-like design. Lunera luminaires also add points to LEED certification efforts.

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