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LUXEON Automotive LEDs Light the Way for EU-Mandated Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)


LUXEON power LEDs from Philips Lumileds are ready to rapidly increase their front-of-vehicle applications with expected EU regulations mandating daytime running lamps (DRLs) on new cars beginning in 2011.


One of the major factors driving LUXEON use will be the great reduction in DRL power consumption (Watts), on the order of 80%, made possible by energy-efficient LUXEON technology.


Audi and Volkswagen provide LUXEON-based daytime running lights now, and several other automotive makers are preparing to produce vehicles with LUXEON-based DRLs over the next 12 to 18 months as part of a movement to improve road safety by increasing vehicle visibility during daylight hours.


LUXEON LEDs are being used today as a DRL light source for the dintinctive styling possibilities they offer. With the new EU regulations in place, cutting DRL power consumption by 80% or more compared to traditional halogen or HID neon lights will be the most important factor for LED introduction.


This energy savings is very important because DRLs built with conventional bulbs consume more power than any other exterior lighting application due to their always-on daylight use, potentially colliding with todays fuel economy standards.


A typical DRL solution with halogen bulbs uses 40-80 Watts of power. LUXEON-based DRLs just needs10 Watts of power or less based on the technologys low power demands and energy efficiency.


For the reason of these features, any new regulation requiring DRLs is expected to drive broader LUXEON introduction for daytime running lights as well as other forward automotive LED lights applications. Actually, LUXEON technology has been the worlds first all-LED LED headlight on the Audi R8 supercar.


"Today LED DRLs are used on fewer than 1% of vehicles, in part because daytime running lamps are not needed in most countries. If the new regulation by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe moves ahead as expected, it will increase that number greatly because of the low power usage, long shelf time and design flexibility of LEDs compared to traditional light sources," said Scott Kern, Vice President, Automotive Sales, for Philips Lumileds. "LUXEON LEDs promise to lead the market because of their reliability, high quality white light, and ideal lighting performance in the automotive lights industry.”


Over the years, Philips Lumileds has pioneered many automotive exterior lighting applications with its LUXEON, SuperFlux and SnapLED products. In addition to driving the industry’s first all-LED daytime running lamp and all-LED headlamp, the company’s solid-state lighting technology has enabled the world’s first all-LED rear combination lamp, first single-LED stop-tail lamp, first LED front-, rear- and side-mirror turn signals.

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