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Everlight Electronics announces Argus automotive LED headlights


EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a leading player in the global LED industry with three decades of experience in optoelectronics, announces its high-performance Argus automotive LED headlight applications. Argus meets the demands and technical criteria of the highest quality in the market particularly for the high temperature and harsh environment in the headlight assemblies.


Low thermal resistance and high heat dissipation rate with outstanding cost/performance ratio

EVERLIGHTs high-power Argus series of LED headlight modules feature low thermal resistance and a high heat dissipation rate. The overall package size is reduced to allow flexible space for the automotive LED lights manufacturers to design their headlight products. During the car LED design stage, EVERLIGHT works with several leading car lighting manufacturers for the demands and concepts of vehicular LED products in the product design. From heat dissipation to optical design, EVERLIGHT has developed double-chip, 4-chip, 5-chip and 6-chip designs based on top-notch cooperation of optical and heat dissipating technologies.


The Argus, launched just now, is a line of high-performance headlight LED modules based on ceramic substrates featuring high heat dissipation rate up to 170W/mK, far better than those provided by conventional ceramic substrates. A single chip running at 1A provides up to 1200lm. With a properly designed heat dissipating housing, a single chip provides highly stable performance even at 1.2A. The single-chip Tj design that has passed the 150 Centigrade degrees high-temperature test is perfect for the harsh, extremely hot environment in a headlight assembly. For the optical element technology, EVERLIGHT was able to control the multi-chip intervals within 0.08mm thanks to accurate manufacturing process and innovated technology, allowing much simpler optical design and highly refined cut-off lines. All of these improve clients flexibility in style and space design and added values, bring out the strength of EVERLIGHTs products in lighting performance and flexible applications of products, and meet clients demands for high standard and complete service.


The quality of EVERLIGHTs car LED components is certified for TS16949, and the LEDs themselves are AEC_Q101 certified. They are at the top of rank in stability, efficiency and cost/performance ratio, which makes EVERLIGHT a very important link in the supply chain of major international car manufacturers. The practical experience in the OE market has been highly recognized among major international players.

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