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Everlight develops new LED chips for automotive LED lights applications


LED lights made their way into cars via widespread applications for driving illumination. The passive safety, however, that once relied on the driver to identify danger, is now moving towards active safety in smart cars through the combination of advanced LED and electronics technology which enhance safety configurations and energy savings alike - both most important criteria in driving. Among the sensor elements used, the photo-elements play a great role. EVERLIGHT has accumulated rich practical experiences in both interior and exterior auto LED lights applications via design-in into many car models, owning to the cooperation with global car makers and customers in the car supply chain.


EVERLIGHTs interior auto LED lights solutions include a wide variety of product lines ranging from 0402 (EU), 0603 (EU), 0805 (EU) to 1206 (EU) chip LED package and PLCC series in compact package sizes and multiple color tones for dashboards, audio and control panels. For monotone wavelength application, EVERLIGHT provides 2~3nm for each bin range, enough to satisfy the high standards of car manufacturers for consistent interior decoration and color. For interior applications such as reading light, EVERLIGHT is able to provide near-natural light sources with a color rendering index greater than 95Ra, very close to the quality sunlight provides (100 Ra). Vehicle passengers can thus enjoy the comfort as if sitting in natural sunlight, while the cars value due to enhanced characteristics improves.


EVERLIGHTs new exterior auto LED lights solutions include new high-power LEDs for car Head Lamp ranging from single-chip, 2-chip, 3-chip, 4-chip to a 5-chip package (EU) series. EVERLIGHTs key technology achieves a heat transmission of 170W/MK which is highly superior to the heat transmission and dissipation rates of traditional porcelain substrates. For optical technology, we keep multiple chips at very tiny spacing through rigorous and leading key technology. The strength of this is to allow the light to meet close to a single light source, thus providing a much clearer cut-off line required for headlights optics. Even in harsh environments, high efficiency and stability are smoothly achieved. Fitting for a wide range of applications including headlights, daytime running lights (DRLs) and fog lights, this product line easily satisfies the requirement for top quality and technical thresholds in car markets. A perfect proof is the high-temperature environment of headlights.


For brake lights and signal indicators, EVERLIGHT offers a product line called Piranha AM EU (<0.5W), including PLCC series, thus complementing the whole-car solution from inside to outside.


EVERLIGHT is working with a global team of partners with the strigent demand for zero defect in quality and establishes a new milestone for the auto led lights market. With ever increasing demands on auto led lights applications, EVERLIGHT cooperates with major auto led lights manufacturers for premium designs that fulfill top vehicular LED lights demands and concepts focusing on heat dissipation and optical design.

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