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BMW to Display Smart Laser and OLED Light Technology at CES 2015


At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas,USA from 6 to 9 January 2015, BMW presents a concept vehicle that introduces the kind of lighting innovations we can expect in the future, while simultaneously keeping its leadership position in the field of lighting technology.

BMWs i8 is one of the first cars on the market to adopt laser light technology.

BMW Laserlight becomes intelligent thanks to connectivity. 

The Laserlight technology that made its production car first release in the BMW i8 sets benchmarks in terms of range and intensity. At up to 600 metres, the range of BMW laser lighting is more than twice that of conventional HID headlights. At the CES, BMW Laserlight now displays its features as an intelligent lighting system thanks to being linked up to cameras, sensors and driver assistance systems, opening up the prospect of numerous new functions in the future.


OLED technology for the rear lights opens up new possibilities.

BMW already presented tail lights with OLED technology

BMW Vision Future Luxury concept released in 2014. By contrast with LEDs, which are a point light source, OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) generate a uniform light across their entire surface. The elements are very thin at just 1.4 millimetres in thickness. This allows individual modules to be activated separately and makes new possibilities for the design of rear lights.

BMW i8 laser tail lights.

In presenting its BMW Organic Light with OLED technology in Las Vegas,USA, BMW reveals an impressive glimpse of the potential offered by this innovative technology.

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