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Osram Focuses on 3D LED Chip Technology Research


David Kong, Marketing Manager for Taiwan/Korea, Osram Opto Semiconductors, recently disussed Solid State Lighting future LED chip market and  technology trends at OS Taiwan SSL Customer Day, recently held in Taipei, Taiwan.


In 2014, the lighting market value was about EUR 80 billion (US $91 billion), and is expected to reach EUR 100 billion by 2020, according to estimations by consulting firm McKinsey. Falling LED prices will further stimulate LED lights market penetration rates, and it is expected to rise much more in the next decade.

Osram Opto Semiconductors forum poster.

Four major LED SSL technology trends

The four LED lights trends mentioned by Kong at the forum were luminous efficacy reaching 100 lm/W-180 lm/W, lm/$ 300, raising lighting maintenance to 10kh-50kh, and Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 70, 80 and 90. To illustrate the importance of luminous efficacy, a 20% hike in efficacy can halve lighting costs.


Hence, Osram has been optimizing manufacturing process for epiwafer and LED chip designs, Optical Clear Adhesive (OPA), optical designs, reflectors and phosphor powder.


LED chip technology to focus on 3D LED technology

Osram is still mostly using 2D horizontal LED chip designs, but plans to gradually move its high power LED chip designs towards 3D LED chip structures. Osram has invested in Core-shell InGaN/ GaN Microrod technology to expand each LED chip wafer light emission area to acquire higher energy efficiency and C/P ratio.


Under 350 mA currents, 3D LED chips can raise blue and green light emission angles by 5% to 10%. The chips can also improve white LED brightness by 10% to 20%. Increasing input currents can lower the 3D LED chip luminous efficacy drops, lower forward voltage, and raise LED efficacy. Osram is taking the lead in making new technology breakthroughs in current LED chip technology, and creating more possibilities in LED lights industry.

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