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EVERLIGHT Electronics Brings More Automotive LED Lights Options to World Market


EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS, a leading player in the global LED lights industry with three decades of experience in optoelectronics, introduces the most high efficient/sulfur resistant "golden" Series which performs brilliantly, even in harsh environments, satisfying all demands of Automotive LED lights applications.


Following the trend of high-tech design on automotive LED lights applications, EVERLIGHT sees only the LEDs with stable performance and high quality can stand out to meet the customers expectations. New golden automotive LED series exactly matches their highest requirements. A golden frame significantly improves a products quality to resist sulfur. This means it works well, no matter how harsh or bad the environment is, including a nearby volcano. The golden series are widely used in head lamps, DRL, fog lamps, side signal lamps and rear tail lamps; over 0.5W products are especially suitable for side Signal Lamp (A09K, 67-21 and 67-31). The new versions enhanced with a golden lead frame are named A09KU, 67-21U and 67-31U.


Their original counterparts with silver lead frame remain in the scope of products and continue to be offered.

EVERLIGHT has added variants with golden lead frame to selected members of its comprehensive LED portfolio for interior and exterior automotive LED lights  applications.


The advantage of PC Amber is an enhanced brightness at high temperatures. Their 3 chip manufacturing process in contrast to the 4 chip process for traditional amber LEDs results in a brightness decay at 85°C of only 15% versus 30-50% for the original amber LEDs. Thus PC Amber LEDs provide a superior thermal and color stability performance. All of EVERLIGHT automotive LED lights with wattages of 0.5W or more are PC Amber-colored now. EVERLIGHT is working with a global team of partners with the punctilious demand for minor defect in quality and establishes a new milestone for the car lighting market.


EVERLIGHT is committed to complete set of management system certifications, including TS-16949, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 for production quality control. All products comply with AEC-Q101 (Automotive Qualification Requirements for Discrete Product) and other highest criteria. With ever increasing demands on auto LED lamp applications, EVERLIGHT cooperates with major car LED lamp manufacturers for the highest quality designs that are up to top LED lights demands, winning great trust in the OE market by public.


A dedicated application-based marketing approach supports the idea that every application is to be paired with "The Right LED lights" to provide the best performance and quality. Every package design presents its own advantages in certain applications.


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