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Magnalight Releases New Low-Profile Underwater LED Boat Light

Magnalight of Kemp, Texas has released a new LED boat light designed for hull mounting below the waterline. The LEDUL12 Underwater LED light produces an intense 2,700 lumen output while drawing less than 4 amps and is an ideal alternative to bulkier and difficult to install halogen hull lights.


According to Magnalight, the LEDUL12 low profile underwater LED light is a powerful underwater hull light that features high output and dual color options in a compact and easy to install fixture design. The LED boat light produces 2,700 lumens of light output, yet consumes just 45 watts at 3.5 amps from a standard 12 volt electrical system. The LED hull light has a simple ½ inch shaft on the back which acts as a conduit for wiring and three mounting holes in the body for screwing the fixture directly to the hull.

This mounting design is much less stressful on the hull and provides a more secure and straightforward attachment without the need for drilling large holes. The lamp housing measures just 3.94 inches in diameter by 0.75 inches thick. It is fully sealed against water intrusion to 6 feet of submersion. Magnalight says that the LEDUL12 underwater LED light is ideal for boaters who want to add to the aesthetic value of their boat without the hassles or problems associated with installing standard halogen hull lights. Furthermore, the company says that these underwater LED lights popular among fishermen who find the ability to illuminate the water around the hull an effective way to attract gamefish.

“This high power underwater LED boat light will seriously light up the water around your boat or watercraft,” said Robert Bresnahan of Magnalight. “This LED light is also a perfect fit for anyone that requires a low voltage LED spreader or area illumination.”

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