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Chinese Listed LED lights manufacturers resume trade at A Shares exchange on the volatile stock market


Chinese A-shares set off with a strong rebound this week, after jumping to an all-time low last Thursday and Friday. In the short term, A shares are stabilizing on the market. Many listed LED lights manufacturers that stopped trade to avoid influence by the volatile stock market have gradually resumed trade. More than 350 listed Chinese LED lights companies resumed trade as of Monday, according to latest statistics.

Chinese LED lights manufacturers resuming trade in the exchange include Sanan Opto, Moso Power, and Aucksun Opto.

Although, many LED lights manufacturers stopped and resumed trading in the exchage "at will". Below listed are Chinese LED lights manufacturers official statements about halting trade on Chinese exchange.

Sanan Opto halts trade ahead of LiFi partnership with Chinese research institute

Sanan Opto stopped trade at the Chinese exchange on July 8, 2015, but has resumed trade on July 13 and announced it has signed a LiFi partnership deal with Shanghai Institute of Aerospace and Electronics.

Moso Power employee share options requires further verification

Moso Power (Moso) has halted trade since July 8 because it intended to offer stock options to its employees, and was considering to ask management to increase their shareholdings in the company. Due to uncertainties in the plan, the company had applied to temporarily halt trade on the market.

The company announced Monday it is still in the process of evaluating and verifying whether it should offer employees share options. Moso decided to prioritize raising managements shareholdings in the company, and submitted its application resume trade to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company has resumed trade as of July 13, 2015.

Auckson Opto terminates acquisition plan

In an earlier announcement on July 8, Auckson Opto announced it stopped trade ahead of acquiring an online education company, due to uncertainties involved in the deal, which could have caused irregular share value performance on the stock market.

During this period the companies involved negotiated, but could not arrive to a consensus on the transaction value and transaction date. The companies could not agree on the trade value, and acceptable operation methods because of rapid changes in related markets. After complete evaluations, the company concluded it would be difficult to carry on negotiations, and decided to cancel the acquisition. The company has resumed trade on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as of July 13,2015.

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