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Chinese LED market share around the world will be more than US $147.59 Trillion by 2020


led lighting market estimate
Chinese optoelectronic power house is located in its southern province Xiamen, which is world-famous for its strong LED lights industry.

The province has numerous leading manufacturers in LED chips and bulbs, with estimated market value up to RMB 100 billion (US $147.59 trillion) milestone by 2020 according to LED forum to discuss innovative LED technologies in Haixi region in China.

At the forum, people talked about the current LED industry trends and innovations in the LED lighting fixture, lighting systems, and other innovative technologies. Transforming light sources, lighting fixture, and other innovative technology. Smart lighting technology, innovative applications, promotion of LED light, new business models and talks on other related subjects.

In 2015, the entire Xiamen LED light industry supply chain value totalled RMB 70 billion, and LED EPI-wafer encapsulation covered more than 60%. LED bulb exports from the province covers about 30% of national exports in China. The province has been an important LED EPI-wafer and bulb exporter for years in China.

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