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The first automotive LED light module was established in Nanchang optical valley in China


The first automotive LED module module plant has been estabished in Nanchang Optical Valley in China.


The auto LED module plant costs RMB 500 million (US $72.97 million) in total, and has auto LED light and module production capacity amounting to 500,000 lights and modules each year.


GaN-on-Si substrate of Lattice Power is used for its LED headlights. High power LEDs, which are often used to produce LED headlights, can achieve better power output, lighting efficiency, thermal dissipation and lighting angle with GaN-on-Si substrates. It is reported that GaN-on-Si substrates can produce more advanced automotive LED lights . This is because GaN-on-Si LEDs have a competitive advantage in automotive LED lights applications, and is one of the most important application sectors.


The research team in Nanchang Optical Valley successfully developed GaN-on-Si LED technology,now China becomes the third country following U.S. to possess blue LED intellectual property rights.


Jiangxi government has decided to build Nanchang into Chinese national LED optical valley, and establish a competitive international LED supply chain, research center, and application base. The local government estimated, LED main revenue source Nanchang would be more than RMB 100 billion by 2020, amounting to 15% of national LED revenue. GaN-on-Si LED technology revenues is estimated to be up to RMB 50 billion.


Automotive LED light strong effect of supply chain  will improve Jiangxi Luye Auto Lighting mass production and help Nanchang Optical Valley achieve its purpose to become a LED light production base in the near future.


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