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Philips shows its interests in leading the developent of Li-Fi

While many people pay attention to  osram deal with the Chinese consortium, another buy in secretly took place in Europe. Philips, the Dutch lighting leader recently focusing on healthcare technology, last year privately bought Luciom and relocated it from France to Eindhoven, Netherland.

A Philips spokesman confirmed that Philips had bought Luciom, a petite French company didicated to visible light communication (VLC), at the end of 2016 and the staff at Luciom are now under the management of Philips.  

Luciom, originally based in Colombelles in northern France, moved to Eindhoven, where Philips Lighting headquarters are situated. Whether eight employees of Luciom will still work under the Luciom banner after the deal remains unclear.

Philips move to buy Luciom is believed as part of Philips cultivation of its capabilities in Li-Fi, the lighting technology transferring data through lights at a incredibly fast speed.

As we know, Li-Fi, or Light Fidelity, one of VLC technologies that enables data and information to travel by riding visible lights, is still at an initial stage which only test applications from a few companies, including Luciom, can be seen. Philips investing in Luciom is expected to realize and commercialize Luciom technology. Despite technical limitations, once Li-Fi matures,it would complement Wi-Fi by expanding much more frequency to Internet use. For nations with large and wide territory, Li-Fi, with its wide spectrum of LED or laser lights, would bring better and faster Internet experience to the citizens.

Philips is reported to have bought Luciom for less than EUR 10 million. The pricing was possibly in part affected by that Philips put forward patent infringement queries related to Luciom.

Another thing worth noting is that the acquisition, for Luciom and Germe, is kind of a "back to where it begins" result, for Germe used to work as an LED lighting architect at NXP Semiconductors, where Luciom started from and was actually a division of Philips before 2006.

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