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Osram will commercialize laser ranging and laser headlights for car forward lighting

Laser headlight from Osram  has a surface-mountable four-channel lidar laser with four individually controllable laser diodes and an integrated control circuit. The new laser is a bar consisting of four laser diodes that are separated in the production process but are not individual diodes. So it can emit four perfectly parallel beams. Our customers no longer have to spend time adjusting individual light sources.

Osram, along with its partner Innoluce, has a 2.7 x 2.3mm MEMS chip that can turn the beams at 2kHz over 120° horizontal and 20° vertical (resolution:0.1° horizontal, 0.5° vertical). 

Osram is also launching laser-boosted headlights – the BMW i8,  BMW 7 series, Audi R8 and Audi R8 LMX cars are already available with Osram laser boosted headlights.

Laser-based car lighting is much brighter and enables a double high-beam range. The improved down-road visibility and clarity for the drivers increases safety for all on the road. 

On the subject of forward lighting, Osram and partners are developing an anti-glare headlight using light sources with over 1,000 individually-controllable LED pixels.

The car laser headlight works because the pattern of pixels is imaged onto the world in front of the car, allowing camera systems which recognise on-coming road users and dim the pixels that would otherwise dazzle their eyes.
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