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Lite-on focuses on automotive IoT and automotive LED light markets in 2018

Facing a future with IoT Technology gradually popular, Lite-On Technology is making a big step forward towards automotive IoT and smart traffic systems and will demonstrate its products in January at CES 2018. It has comprehensive 802.11P solutions and is developing solutions that meet the LTE-Vehicular mobile standard.

Lite-on would bring automotive IoT networks and windshield-HUDs to the market. In particular, the windshield-HUDs are capable of displaying an image two meters ahead that ensures road safety and does not influence the eyesight of a driver.

Lite-On finds great potential in intelligent automotive technology and builds R&D centers and production sites worldwide for large-scale development and production of automotive IoT, components for ADAS systems, and energy-saving auto LED lamps. Based on previous cooperation with Tier 1 multinational automotive companies, Lite-On will provide automotive network devices and ADAS systems to the market of factory-installed equipment.

Lite-On anticipates a growth of its business of vehicle-mounted telematics box (T-Box) in 2018. The application provides entertainment content both entertaining users and improving their safety and has earned a good reception, especially from top tier car makers, in the global factory-installed equipment market.

Besides the US, Lite-On also focus on Chinese vehicle market, planning to enter it through its cooperation with Chinese technology firms on the development of back-end platforms for automotive IoT.

The Taiwan-based company continues to estimate that its HUD business segment would grow by over 10% each year for the next couple of years. It has started shipping products after verification and offering wireless charging devices to Japanese automakers following its first entry to the Japanese automotive supply chain in 2013. It intends to upgrade those devices to work as car keys by adding phone recognition capabilities.

As for the LED auto lamp, Lite-On estimates it would grab a share of 15% in the global market in 2018, and a total 10% share for its engine controller market.

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