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car led lights are not just for lighting in the latest autonomous concept car

led on smart autonomous vehicle
Working with the concept vehicles designer — Switzerlands Rinspeed — Osram Opto Semiconductors will demonstrate how the future of sustainable urban transportation will move towards cars that drive themselves, that users share rather outright own, and that connect every passenger with data and services.

The smart autonomous vehicle, called Snap, will have Osram LEDs and laser diodes that use infrared sensing and other LED technologies. For example, LED-based iris scanning technology will help inspect entry into the vehicle, and will also help recognize persons and permit them to connect to information services.

" Since we are stepping into a new era of autonomous vehicles, LED lighting will become even more important," said Wolfgang Lex, Osram OS vice president and general manager of automotive. " Now, the car is not just a car. It is an office on wheels, a library, a living room, or an art studio where you can paint a picture during your traveling hours. Logically, cars will need LED light that is suitable for all these activities and more."

Snap, which is the shape and size of a minibus or a small train compartment, will also use LED-based infrared for facial recognition that would make changes in lighting, heat settings, and seat positioning to suit everyone known tastes.

"Our latest, infrared LED technologies are making vehicles more personalized for passengers than ever before by bringing the latest biometric identification applications to the vehice industry," said Bodo Ischebeck, Osram Opto OS vice president and general manager of industry and mobile devices.

Osram explained the interior illumination is also programmed with "human-centric lighting" (HCL) to "combine the interplay of light, atmosphere, and space to improve the wellbeing of passengers." HCL is a concept that uses LED tunability to change color temperatures and brightness in a manner that suits different needs and performance. The HCL system in Snap can be connected to wearable devices such a fitness watches, and can change or even raise warning if necessary according to biometric signals transmitted by the wearable.

Outside the autonomous vehicle, LED and laser-based projection systems turn Snap windows into screens for advertising or providing safety advice or other messages to pedestrians. The car also has LED license plates that can easily show new registration when necessary.

Snap is even installed with ultraviolet LEDs to disinfect the interior of a car that is an important feature for future car-sharing concepts.

The many new uses for LEDs in the automotive market is one of several growth areas that encouraged Osram to build an expansive new LED chip production facility in Kulim, Malaysia.

Osram has great hopes for many of the LED applications that will be on display in Rinspeeds Snap, and for other automotive applications as well, such as intelligent LED headlamps that adjust settings to avoid glare for other motorists while providing best  roadway lighting for the driver.

Snap is one of several concept cars from Rinspeed. Its replaceable chassis  covers the information technology heart and can be changed for a new one to ensure that systems such as maps and navigation are the modernest. The body can also be removed from the chassis and work as a lounge space.
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