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Fog-resistant Lamp with new materials is available by Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis showed its new solution in working out new materials for making lamps which can solve the fog problem. The new materials can also help to reduce the weight of its lamp products by 20% for one lamp.

Cooperating with INITZ, a subsidiary of the Korean materials supplier SK Chemical, Hyundai successfully made a new material that does not generate gases. The auto maker also tried to make local production of the material, which it used to be imported.

Solving the problem of fog is challenging because of the complicated environment of car lamps. The inner temperature of a lamp could rise up to 200℃ and result in huge temperature gaps between the inside and outside of the lamp. The lamps also need to be waterproof and are much durable to combat vibration. Hyundai Mobis added glass fiber to the existing plastic material to make sure of the rigidity and added high molecular weight additives. With the process, the company created the new material to meet the challenging requirements of lamps without emitting gas.

With the help of the new material, Hyundai Mobis aims to reduce production cost and to improve the quality and function of lamps. Nowadays, the company is also preparing for patents application in Korea and abroad.
Hyundai Mobis can make fog-free lamps by latest materials
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