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Aixtron benefit from strong demands for Laser lights and Multi color LED lights applications

AIXTRON, the Germany-based semiconductors supplier, has announced its financial results for the three quarters of 2018. It has reported growing profit with rising market requirements for MOCVD systems for the mass production of power electronics and lasers such as VCSEL or EEL lasers for applications in 3D sensing or optical data transmission as well as red, orange and yellow (ROY) LEDs.
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With the strong demands, the order income for AIXTRON has improved by 16% to EUR 230.3 million (US$ 261.2 million) in last three quarters in 2018. The revenues of Q3/18 was EUR 63.4 million (US$ 72 million) with a 15% QoQ increase. The accumulated revenue in the three quarters has improved by 3% year-on-year to EUR 180.9 million (US$ 205.17 million).

Gross profit and gross margin improved by 43% YoY to EUR 78.2 million (US$ 88.7 million) until now. Compared to the previous quarter, gross profit in Q3/2018 increased to EUR 27.6 million (US$ 31.31 million) which goes along with revenue development, while the gross margin kept stable at 44%. According to AIXTRON, the profit growth arose from a favorable product and regional mix and was also positively influenced by a favorable currency exchange rate as well as a higher sales volume in the third quarter.

Thanks to the broad applications for red, orange and yellow (ROY) LEDs, lasers and power electronics, the ongoing overall positive business development in the past three quarters means that orders and revenues for the full year 2018 to be at the upper end of the initially communicated range as well as a significantly improved result - the best result since 2011 and a bright future for the future. 

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