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Smart applications of automotive LED lights boost the market share

Although the global car sales have slowed down in the year 2018 due to the trade dispute and overall market decline, the market demand for luxury cars in China and the increasing new energy (NEV) car market still help the penetration rate of LED lighs in the automotive market.

The market share of LED headlight and its market value will keep growing gradually as the price of high-power LED lights falls. LEDs are also needed by other exterior lights including turning indicators and tail lights for achieving smart functions such signal projection and matrix lighting for information delivering. As for interior lighting, LED lamps based on the concept of Human Centric Lighting are also introduced to vehicles.
led headlights in luxury automotives

Leading LED players like Osram, Nichia, Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductors, Everlight and other companies have showed various LED lighting products in different trade shows earlier in 2019. Nichia and Osram developed LED headlights with projection functions. Meanwhile, Everlight’s Mini LED tail light that gives information might enter the market by 2020.

The biggest supplier of automotive LED lighting module for Chinese automobile manufacturers, Laster Tech, said that more orders have been placed for the year 2019. The company also registered an on-year revenue increase by 7.75% in 2018 even though the China market dropped last year. Laster Tech expects that the trends of new lighting applications will add value to vehicle LED lights and thus improve the margin of related products.
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