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More and more Taiwanese companines ready for the market growth of Mini LED

Mini LED featuring in better performance in brightness, contrast and saturation for display applications will see a radical growth in 2019 and 2020. To meet the hot demands of Mini LED, Taiwan-based companies are ready to enlarge production of related Mini LED products.

Taiwanese companies are confident in the market devlopment of Mini LED market

The application of Mini LED might not be popular in consumer products, yet its supply chain has been equipped to fasten Mini LED shipment for potential applications as Apple was said to release Mini LED backlight equipped iMac by 2H19 and iPad by 4Q20. Also, Huawei and Xiaomi might launch Mini LED backlight products in 2H19.

Taiwanese LED producers Epistar and Lextar have begun shipping Mini LED products including Mini LED backlight for gaming monitors and notebooks and RGB Mini LED module for signage since 2H18. Epistar has increased investment in ProLight Opto to boost Mini LED production and development. The company might reportedly become Apple’s supplier if Apple extends its Mini LED introduction.

Noticably LED maker Lextar has mass produced and supplied 32-inch Mini LED backlight modules in 2018, and it will continue to grab more market share of Mini LED backlight products. The company has reduced its general lighting business to be more focused on high margin applications including Mini LED and VCSEL production.

LED driver IC designer Macroblock is ready to produce driver ICs for Mini LED backlight modules ,and it plans to supply products for Micro LED adopted wearable devices in 2020. Macroblock has been working closely with Samsung for fine-pitch LED displays and might be thriving with the Korean brand’s Micro LED products.

The production cost is the most important issue for Mini LED and Micro LED to enter the end market. With more leading players entering the market to enrich the supply of Mini LED and Micro LED, the technologies could be further better with improved production efficiency and lower manufacture cost. The market value of Mini LED is estimated to reach US$ 1.699 billion in the coming year 2022.
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