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LED sees more innovations applications in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) 2019

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) 2019 was held successfully at the China Import and Export Fair from June 9 to 12,2019. Messe Frankfurt that is the organizer of the show said that GILE occupied 19 exhibition centers this time with 2500 companies from 22 different countries around the world.
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) 2019 held in Guangzhou,China earlier in June

It has already been 24 years since the start of GILE in the year 1996, and the competition is much fierce in the LED lighting industry owning to maturely developed technologies. Under the economic hiy arising from the sino-us trade war starting last year, the whole LED market was relatively slow. Yet it is just at this hard tim that GILE attracted so many vendors in the industry under  this theme- THINKLIGHT: Envisage the Next Move, in order to introduce new technology and opportunities for more applications for innovation.

With the difficulties faced by the LED lighting industry, Messe Frankfurt focuses more on cross-industrial innovation in the LED industry. The combination of LED lighting with other technologies such as AIoT and 5G, besides the resulting smart applications, digital transformation and new business models,attract more eyesights during this event. Signify and Osram were invited to share the applications and trends of lighting design in smart cities and smart buildings. Even Microsoft came to talk about the role that AI plays in smart lighting. Through these forums, GILE leads suppliers and buyers into an deep understanding of the innovative future of the lighting industry.

Although many global giants such as Signify and Osram did not have exhibition booths, they maintained active atractions in many forums in terms of new technological approaches as well as innovative thinking. The way they present themselves marked them as newest technology leaders of lighting company instead of LED lights manufacturers.

Architectural lightings and landscape lightings also attracted the "limelight" of this event. Using IoT smart applications to connect lighting design together with construction management of buildings and landscapes can not only achieve more energy-saving, but also combine aesthetic and sensory experiences into the demonstration of LED light sources.

Despite some big players exiting from the lighting business, we still see many global suppliers at GILE, including Cree, Bridgelux, and Luminus. China companies such as MLS, FSL, Refond, HC Semitek, NationStar, and WELLMAX were there for sure. The main coverage of products from exhibitors were still some niche applications such as horticulture lighting, smart lighting, healthcare lighting and more.

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