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Automotible-focused ISELED Alliance keeps expanding is membership in the year 2019

The ISELED Alliance said that eleven new members had joined as the organization continued to grow an ecosystem in order to encourage innovation in interior automotive cabin lighting by tight integration of LEDs, drivers, and microcontrollers. Founder Inova Semiconductor has called the technology approach as creation of a "digital LED" — actually a tightly integrated modular subsystem that can be easily used in multiple applications inside the modern automobile.

Inova first announced its idea to create such an alliance at the Electronica tradeshow back in November 2016. The concept accelerated this past fall just before Electronica when Osram Opto Semiconductors joined the alliance. At the same time, Osram showed its Osire E4633i LED module based on the technology.
ISELED Alliance spurs technology innovation in interior automobile interior cabin lightings
Vehicle-centric LED lights can both optimize ambience in an automotive cabin and improve safety and functionality, especially as the automobile industry moves toward autonomous vehicle operation. Working with displays, light is becoming a major part of innovative visualization concepts especially in highly automated and autonomous driving.”

The full list of new members is far too long to fully discuss here. Allegro MicroSystems from the US joined and makes power semiconductors and sensors suitable for automotive applications. UG-System from Germany is focused on test systems, and fellow German company iSYS RTS is a software-development specialist.

Among the most famous new members are automotive OEMs Hella and Grupo Antolin. Limited space is one of the main challenges for automotive interior light design. The highly integrated ISELED technology help Hella realize innovative lighting solutions. 

Automotive LED lighting applications continue to be a growing market for LED-based lighting, essentially achieving a renaissance-like reemergence for some LED manufacturers. It is estimated that 18% annual growth in LED revenue for exterior automobile led lights over the next five years. The forcase for interior auto led lights growth is only 5%. 

Back to the ISELED Alliance, the membership also pays attention to applications beyond the automotive interior. Indeed, the discussed technology can be used to create a dynamic display backlight. ISELED Alliance members are working on outdoor LED lights systems designed for auto-to-human communications that will rely on an "ISELED-based fieldbus."
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