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US-based LiDAR player Luminar accerlates entering consumer automotive and commercial trucking markets

US-based LiDAR startup Luminar says that it is entering the consumer automotive and commercial trucks markets with a sensing and perception platform called Iris. After three years of silent development and continuously increasing funds, the company revealed its perception software built on its LiDAR sensing platform.

Starting its partnership with Volve in 2018, it began to cooperate with Audi’s subsidiary Autonomous Intelligent Driving, providing long-range LiDAR technology for self-driving automotive.

According to Luminar, it has provided sensing platform to at least 12 world leading automotive makers with their self-driving development programs.
 Luminar LiDAR sensing system
Iris is expected to launch commercially on vehicles beginning in 2022, and it is the first sensing platform to exceed the essential performance, safety, cost and auto-grade requirements needed to deliver Level 3 and 4 autonomy to end users. Luminar 3D data with high resolution and long range technology enables detection of dark objects in a distance out to 250 meters. These capabilities will allow for seamless integration into vehicles in a compressed form.

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