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Taiwan-based LED lights companies focus more on automobile led lights applications

car led lights on suv
Automotive LED applications covering exterior/interior lighting and displays are the focus of several LED chip suppliers. Quick development of alternative fuel vehicles and self-driving technology faciliate the application of LEDs in automobile as its higher lifetime and lower energy consumption have become even more important.

For the above reason, several Taiwan-based LED companies have focused more in automotive LED applications, focusing lighting, sensing technology and display.

Tesla supplier EOI keeps enlarging its automotive product coverage and extend its technology. With above 150 verified automotive components, the company is also developing innovative LEDs for lighting and display. Its patented technology, UniFlex Linear, achieves lighting uniformity, intensity and dynamic function to improve automotive LED lighting performance.

EOI has cooperated with auto makers in the U.S. and China, providing its light source for new coming cars. 

Everlight is also a stronger player in the automotive LED light market . Its Mini LED backlight has been used for an automotive display which incorporating dashboard and control panel. The company also provided Mini LED taillights with fine-pitch display components which can show messages to pedestrians and other road users for the coming future of autonomous vehicles.
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