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LED Lighting of the New Volvo V40 make it more premimum

A more distinctive Scandinavian design and finer material makes the inside of the new Volvo V40 feel extra premium. An important part of the experience is the lighting. Using the new LED technology, the Swedish company Optoga has helped create a bright environment in the car that enhances this feeling. At the same time energy consumption is down by 90 %!
Optogas LED light assert the interior design and the new materials of the new Volvo V40 perfectly

The Volvo V40 is packed with new, world-class technology. Every small detail has been meticulously planned and improved, including the interior lighting which is cutting-edge in the automotive industry.


Stringent lighting requirements:
The task of developing new light sources for the car went to Optoga in Arboga. A company that specialises in LED technology and today delivers light modules and technology across the world. Stefan Larsson, CEO of the company explains. “We have many years of experience working with Volvo Cars. When they began to develop the platform that V40 is based on, we were tasked with helping them develop better and more energy-efficient lighting for the interior and luggage space.”


The requirements were tough. The design and the new materials were to be highlighted when the interior lighting came on. The company wanted a light quality that performed better than the requirements applicable to medical lighting (Ra 90). The light source was to achieve a colour rendering index of Ra 92.

LED lighting with multiple features:
The lighting was also to be more functional, extremely energy efficient and was not to be more expensive than previous alternatives with incandescent bulbs. LED lighting was initially questioned as it was assumed the costs would exceed the budget, but also that the quality of light would not be as good. “There are still many misconceptions about LEDs. They have developed fast, and our LEDs provide an extremely high quality in terms of colour rendering, colour temperature and a comfortable feel to the light,” Stefan explains.


The LED light source that Optoga designed for Volvo is more expensive than a standard bulb, but has digital features that simplify installation, wiring and control systems. Overall, the new lighting is far more cost effective than previous solutions.


90 % less energy consumption:
The car is full of electronics that enhance safety and make car travel more enjoyable, while fuel consumption has been further reduced.  This requires energy saving solutions. “The present analogue technology, which is found in models like the V50 with light bulbs, consumes about 50W. The new V40 has a corresponding figure of about 5W and this includes additional lighting to increase functionality and provide a more pleasant experience.”


Instrument and accent lighting makes driving easier and creates an atmosphere. The light makes the car inviting and also generates a better perception of the surroundings. When you open a door, the light sources light up the ground helping you to get in and out of the car. Multiple lights in the boot illuminate the boot to prevent large objects from obstructing the light. Even the ground behind the car is lit up when loading and unloading.

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