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ISELED aims at establishing a standard solution to cover the whole supply chain of LED industry

The ISELED solution integrates a specialized microcontroller together with LEDs in a highly compact package. The ILaS (ISELED Light and Sensor) network will improve the capabilities of the current ISELED protocol so that not only LEDs, but also sensors and actuators in almost any number and combination can be controlled in the future.

The controller has the correction data for the separate color LEDs, thus removing the time-consuming binning required up to now. Binning is a process by which LEDs are sorted out according to their slightly different technical properties in order to avoid visible differences in color and brightness during the lighting performance. This issue is ever more important with the increasing number of LEDs chips used in vehicles that require the use of the same LED color temperature.
ISELED solution is used for vehicle
ISELED solution can also be used to readjust the LEDs, considering the temperature variation and ageing during lighting. The correction data are determined by the manufacturer during the final test of the RGB LED and stored out directly on the controller chip. The digital RGB LEDs can thus be operated with an optimized protocol without the previous overhead. A further improvement for ISELED technology arises from self-driving application, in which, besides the display, light will increasingly be used to deliver information and warnings.

ISELED Alliance is an open industrial alliance in order to develop a complete ecosystem based on ISELED technology. Until August 2019, there are 23 companies/organizations supporting ISELED technology. The players ranges from semiconductor manufacturers and lighting/design specialists to major Tier 1 automotive makers.So ISELED is possible to be establisheded as a standard solution to cover the whole value supply chain.

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