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Korean LG Innotek brought newest auto led modules at Automotive World Nagoya 2019 in Japan

LG at Automotive World Nagoya 2019 in Japan
At the show of Automotive World Nagoya 2019, Korean-based LG Innotek showcased its advanced vehicle components under the themes of vehicle LED modules and communication modules. For vehicle LED modules, LG introduced the next generation vehicle LED light sources "Nexlide series" , which reflects the companys unique light-emitting structure design technology.

"Nexlide-HD" shoorts bright and even light from all five surfaces except the substrate contact surface. It can achieve uniform light without extra parts such as plastic molds and inner Lens with LG Innotek’s own optical design technology and LED packages spreading the light almost 180 degrees wide.

Vehicle exterior lamps equipped with "Nexlide-HD" have thickness that is 30% of the existing ones. Also, the product enables the production of unique vehicle lightings with various designs such as straight lines, curved lines, waves, and three-dimensional figures, the reason is because the product is made of silicone and can produce shapes freely.

For communication module parts, LG Innotek introduced V2X modules that covers "C-V2X" (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything), Bluetooth/wifi modules, cellular modules, and low-power Bluetooth solutions.

LG Innotek  communication modules are compatible with different standards such as communication standards. They will be important components that will improve the safety of connected cars and autonomous vehicles becaus of their excellent durability and reliability.
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