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Car LED headlights with 25,600 pixels in one chip from Osram for next generation vehicle

Several famous LED suppliers around the world have turned their attention to automotive LED lights applications in the line of the developing automotive and electric vehicle development. The German high-tech company Osram, as one of the leading automotive LED  manufacturers, says that it is starting a new chapter in multi-pixel solutions for car LED headlights.
Osram latest car LED head lights applications
Osram announced the concept of the first hybrid LED "Eviyos" two years ago and is progressing the second generation of Eviyos featuring 25,600 pixels on a single LED chip, with pixel pitch of 40 µm. Osram announces that the pixels on the LED chip can be controlled separately, enabling the LED headlamps to not only illuminate the road but also show signals or symbols to other road users for more smart functions.

With individually controlled pixels, only the pixels that are needed are lighted for a particular situation. This means that only the necessary energy is used, which is a very important point for electric vehicles. Besides, with a footprint of 40 mm², the second generation of Eviyos opens the door to new fields of application beyond traditional lighting. Based on the application, customers can combine several Eviyos with each other or other traditonal LED lights.

Osram would start first generation of hybrid LED Eviyos with 1,024 individually controllable pixels at the beginning of 2020. The market of the second generation of Eviyos is planned to be started for 2023.

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