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EVERLIGHT showed the latest Mini LED lamp modules and infarared items at 2019 CEATEC

The global famous LED player EVERLIGHT had shown the latest Mini LED lamp modules and smart multi array lamp and fish scale rear lamps at 2019 CEATEC in Japan.
Everlight showed many latest  Mini LED lamp modules  at 2019 CEATEC in Japan

By using the light-guided plate with CH2016 package, the purpose of the mini LED lamp module is similar to that for OLED, reducing much cost while its durablity and reliability better than those for OLED. Mini LED Lamps are produced by the components with small-pitch display, up to 27.63 pixels per inch for human eye and achieving the excellent Adaptive Rear Lamp System. The images and texts can be flexibly shown to achieve the much clear quality up to the relevant technical requirements. Smart Multi Array Lamps adopt the Smart Multi Series (3.5x3.5x0.8mm) built-in drive and control ICs to finish the information communication and multiple image display in the simplest way. This solution can also be used for rear LED running lamps, rear LED brake lamps and rear LED turn signal lamps. 

For infrared products, Everlight will showcase many IRs and PDs/PTs with the different dimensions, radiation intensity and light-emitting angle, widely applied for E-book, electronic whiteboard, oximeter and household vacuum cleaner. Optical couplers will be shown at CEATEC 2019 too, including the basic optical coupling, high speed coupler, photo Photo Triac, and solid state relay (SSR) with the complete package types, to meet all kinds of power, home appliance, medical treatment and automation industrial control.
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