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Magnalight offers versatile LED work light


Larson Electronics has released a powerful magnetic LED work light designed to provide output comparable to 250-watt metal halogen lighting fixtures while improving reliability and keeping energy-saving.


Lighter and producing less heat than comparable metal halogen lamps, the latest led work light is ideal for a wide variety of applications including automotive mechanics, racing, inspections, and general shop work lighting, the company noted.

The Mechanics LED Working Light produces high output illumination comparable to metal halide fixtures, yet is smaller, cooler running, and more versatile. Designed for illuminating in and around the shop during vehicles repairs, these LED fixtures are constructed of high strength aluminum and powder coated for protection from the elements as well as grease and oil.

The shockproof PC lens provides excellent lamp protection, and a waterproof and vapor proof sealed assembly ensures full protection against rain and damaging conditions. These LED work lights produce 1,462 lumens in a long flood pattern, allowing them to effectively illuminate large work areas, such as the underside of a vehicle while removing a transmission.

The LED light consumes only 40 watts, making it far more efficient than comparable halogen or incandescent shop lights, and the high quality LED assembly provides high resistance to vibration and impacts as well as an excellent 50,000-hour operational life. A single 200-pound grip magnetic mount provides versatile mounting, securely mounting this light to hoods, underbodies, shelving, and walls to name a few. An adjustable bracket allows the light to be repositioned vertically for optimal light beam placement. These automotive work lights can operate with 120-270 volts AC.

Larson Electronics includes 12 feet of connecting cord with this LED shop light, which provides plenty of length should operators choose to mount the unit in locations well removed from a convenient power source. These LED wall pack lights offer much better performance than metal halogen units as they do not require any warm up or cool down time and produce full power the moment they are switched on. These LED lbulbs do not have any ballast, which improves reliability and reduces maintenance costs, and the long 50,000-hour operational life means the lamp will operate for years before requiring replacement.

“This mechanics work light provides an even spread of bright white light for illumination for hands free operation during routine maintenance, repairs, and automotive performance modifications,” said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics. “This light-weight magnetic work light can be mounted to the hood, strut towers, or along frame rails for temporary illuminating of vehicles, trailers, and various shop projects. This LED lamp is extremely versatile, durable, and the portability of this light makes it ideal for use around the shop, at the track, or on the road.”

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