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Apple demonstrated its patented in-vehicle LED lighting system

Apple patented in-car lighting system
Recently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced 59 patents of Apple including one patent in the name of "Lighting Systems of Vehicle Seats," which is believed to be part of Apple self-driving vehicle project "Project Titan". 

Apple says its new patent of vehicle lighting systems can be integrated into a seat, door panel, dashboard, or other interior portions of a vehicle. These interior parts of car would be lighted with the light systems for providing icons, text, and other information.

Besides, these areas with illumination can integrated with sensors such as capacitive touch sensors, force sensors and others. LEDs installed in the lighting system could also shoot light that passes through openings in a cover layer that made from different materials like fabric, leather, or others.

For further description, Apple demonstrated how the lighting system could be installed in different interior parts and the lighting made with the lighting system. 

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