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Epistar increases capital expenditure to Mini LED lights for coming market demands


led chip supplier Epistar is investing more money into the construction of mini led production lines

Tanwan-based LED Chip supplier Epistar said that it would double its investment to prepare for rising market requirement for increasing Mini LED applications in the coming years.

Epistar sees booming demands in Mini LED lights in the near future, so it plans to prepare its production capacity in advance. For this reason, Epistar said that it plans to increase its investment to above NTD 5 billion (US$ 163.83 billion), compared with the regular expense of NTD 2.5 billion (US$ 82 million) in the past.

Nowadays, the two major applications of Mini LED are Mini LED backlight and fine-pitch display. For fine pitch displays, Epistar supplies RGB LED chips to its branches companies Yenrich and Prolight Opto for transferring and manufacturing modules. The company expects that its volume of shipment will double by the second quarter of the year 2020.

Mini LED backlight of Epistar, on the other hand, are used in wearables, TVs and more. The company said that according to the schedule of its clients, Mini LED backlit products will be on the market by 3th quarter in the year 2020, anticipating that the market will grow in the year 2021.

The increased investment is mainly made for inspection and testing, and the major supplier will be Taiwan-based equipment makers.

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