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Hella announces its latest mico LED-based automotive led lights with over 30,000 pixels

German-based automotive led lights supplier Hella announced a new lighting system with high resolution, Digital Light SSL | HD. With the new lighting technology, more than 30,000 pixels can be controlled intelligently and individually, achieving many new safety functions such as optical lane markings.
Hellas newest high resolution lighting system on the road

Hella announces that "Digital Light SSL | HD" is a newly improved version and miniaturization of existing matrix LED systems. Along with an enlarged light-emitting surface, its higher number of pixels is the basis for many new functionalities. The more than 30,000 light points are created by LED light sources just the size of a fingernail.

Description of the “miniaturization of matrix LED systems” with more than 30,000 pixels is much similar to the innovation of Micro LED-based automotive lights. At the beginning of this year, Osram  had announced its plan to develop automotive LED lights with 25,600 pixels with pixel pitch of 40 μm. Japanese LED lights maker also announced its Micro LED-based automotive light with 16,000 pixels. Both of them said that each pixel of the automotive led lights can be separately controlled.

Hella noted that the said new lighting system has been ordered by a top European auto maker for mass production, and series production will begin in the year 2022.
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