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Micro LED technology progress and more applications in the year 2019

2019 is a fruitful year for Micro LED when many micro LED applications have been adopted in wearable kits, automotive displays, AR/VR and large displays.

Let us have a quick review on the development of the latest technology that we cannot miss in 2019.

1. Samsung shows 75-inch Micro LED Display at CES 2019

 Samsung presented a new Micro LED display at First Look in CES 2019. The 75-inch Micro LED display adopted chips that are only 1/15 in size comparing to the 2018 version and its ppi was four times higher. 

2. Sony provides 16K Micro LED Display in Japan and Offers Home Installation

Sony set up a 16K Micro LED display with its Crystal LED technology in the new research center of the Shiseido Group in Japan in April 2019 at NAB.

Later in September in 2019, Sony finished residential configurations and installation of its CLEDIS Micro LED display module. 

3. Plessey Develops Micro LED Display with 2.5µm Pixel Pitch and Full Color LEDs

The British Micro LED supplier Plessey continues its development in Micro LED technology. In September 2019, the company achieved producing a 2.5 µm Micro LED display for AR/VR devices which uses only 20% of energy compared to conventional LCOS or DLP display.

Plessey also works on full color Micro LED technology.  Achieving native blue and green LED on the same epitaxy wafer with GaN on Silicon process in October, 2019, it still focuses the development of the world’s first native InGaN LEDs on silicon nowadays.

4. Nichia has introduced Miro LED to automotive lighting, more new technology developments come from Osram and Hella

Besides display applications, Micro LED has also been adopted toautomotive lighting for innovative applications such asprojecting images, road marks and other information to enhance safety.

In September 2019, Japanese LED company Nichia began partenership with Infineon for the development of a HD light engine with more than 16,000 Micro LEDs for car headlight applications.

Also, Osram also reported that it has begun the development of the second generation of its hybrid LED “Eviyos” featuring 25,600 pixels on a LED chip with pixel pitch of 40µm.

Automotive lighting solution provider Hella revealed that it is launching a new high resolution lighting system with more than 30,000 pixels in a light source. The new system can integrate even more pixel in one light by using more Micro LED technology in automotive headlight design.
Japanese Nichia introduced the newest development of HD light engine to car led headlights applications

5. The largest LED chip manufacturer in China, Sanan Optoeletronics Invest US$ 1.7 Billion in Micro and Mini LED and to Begin 6-inch Micro LED Wafer Production

In April 2019, Sanan has invested RMB 12 billion (US$1.71 million) in Micro LED and Mini LED wafer and chip development and production in Hubei Province in mainland China.

By November 2019 , it was said Sanan had begun 6-inch LED wafer production for chips of 10*20µm while planning to reduce the chip size furhter.
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