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Some breakthrough news about world-famous LED players we cannot miss

At the end of 2019, let us pay attention to some new business progess made by some by some big LED chips manufactuers around the world. 

1. Cree Concentrates on GaN-on-Sic Products, Cutting Lighting Business

Cree has been changing its business focus to Wolfspeed which provides SiC and GaN power and RF solutions in recent year. In the year 2019,  it officially gave up its lighting business.

Cree finished transfer of its lighting business to Ideal Industry in May, 2019. Meanwhile, it reported a US$ 1 billion investment for expanding its SiC capacity aiming to build a new manufacturing facility in New York.
CREE was enlarging it Sic production facility in New York
Cree is producing its wafers to On Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics based on their long term partnership.

2. Osram Sold to AMS finally while Its Digital Lighting Unit may be also abandoned

In December 2019, Austrian sensor company AMS finally bought into Osram after long time negotiations.

AMS will introduce automotive led technology from Osram and its expertise in sensing technology to focus on the market of autonomous driving. It is estimated that result of merger will not see the digital lighting business of Osram continue the new direction as before in the second half of the year 2020.

3. Signify bought Cooper Lighting and started Trulifi for LiFi Brand

Signify acquired Wi-Fi Connected, a lighting software solution developer in April in 2019 and purchased 51% share of Chinese Klite Lighting in July 2019. Later in October in 2019, it finished buying in Cooper Lighting Solution who was the lighting business originally own by power company Eaton. The Dutch company is setting up its own supply chain for smart lighting by conneting connected lighting solutions and led lights manufacture.

Signify also announced its LiFi brand, Trulifi, to start a new solution for connected lighting applications. It has partnered with telecom company Vodafone for the combination of 5G and LiFi while working with aircraft producer and buses interior system developer to use LiFi system in public transportation.
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