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Osram shows more innovative lighting products and other latest technologies at CES 2020

At CES 2020 that durates from January 7th to January 10th,2020, Osram is showing its innovative technology for LED projection, biomonitoring, biometrics, LiDAR and interior/exterior automotive lighting to improve the lives of drivers in the four key areas of Mobility, Safety & Security, Connection, and Health & Well-Being.

For MetroSnap provided by Rinspeed that was established in Switzerland, Osram provides its Eviyos headlight that features in thousands of individually addressable pixels that display valuable information and warning symbols on the road for passengers and pedestrians. Osram infrared laser also supports the LiDAR system of MetroSnap. Besides, Osram provides intelligent display systems on the front, back and windows of the vehicle, allowing visual communications with other pedestrians.
Osram intelligent display systems around the car
Osram also provides 3D facial and palm recognition systems for the car as well as in-cabin monitoring adopting VCSEL technology. The ambient lighting system of Osram provides intelligent lighting applications inside the vehicle ,too.

The electric vehicle modular design will be on full display with a live demonstration of the detachable "skateboard," swapping "pods" for different applications such as grocery shopping.

Finally, Osram will provide its Osram Ostar Projection Power family, featuring LED technology that beats conventional lighting solutions and achieves super projector brightness performance.

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