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UV LEDs solution might work to fight Corona virus

The recent corona virus is a type of positive-sense single-stranded RNV virus. Researchers found that this kind of virus is sensitive to heat radiation and UVC light, the said virus can be reduced when exposure to UVC irradiation stronger than 90 μW/cm2. In theory,UV light would be able to destroy the latest corona virus (2019-nCov). UV light is germicidal because it inactivates microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA with its short wavelength. Besides, oxygen can also absorb energy from UV light to form ozone for disinfection.

UV light is the most germicidal when working at a wavelength of 200-280nm. For different microorganisms, the effect of UV light is much different. As LED technology has been improved greatly in recent years,tunable LED can make UV light with specific wavelengths. UV LED-based applications with increased power and tunable wavelengths are expected to be the next generation disinfection products for medical uses.

The effect of UV germicidal exposure depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment. The perfect time duration for UV light exposure is at least 30 minutes above 20 degrees Celsius at low humidity, but it will take longer time to achieve the same effect when it is below 20 degree or over 40 degree Celsius and relative humidity exceed 60%.  

UV light has been widely used in disinfection with many medical and non-medical products available in the market. During the fighting against the coronavirus outbreak recently, UV LED lights that can achieve virus killing might be a workkable solution for preventing coronavirus infection.
UV LED lights might work to disinfect Coronavirus
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