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USA-based famous lighting companies will be facing challenges of possible interruption of led lamps supply

The outbreak of coronavirus hit the business in China recently
The unexpected outbreak of coronavirus has affected the whole industry in China, and LED industry is suffering from uncertain postponed production and supply chain delay. Some of the US-based lighting companies, such as Cooper Lighting Solutions and Satco, have informed their customers of the possible interruption of product supply repectively.

Cooper Lighting Solution said in its “Coronavirus Update” that due to travel and strict logistics management enacted by Chinese authorities, some of its suppliers have not resumed mass production until now. This delay in mass production will result in interruption in the supply chain for some products in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Cooper Lighting also said that it would increase its local manufacturing capabilities in North America with local inventory of components and materials.

Satco also has sent an open letter to its customers about the coronavirus situation in China. Some government management requirements, such as strict traffic controls and quarantine requirements for 14 days for workers traveling back to work from other area such as Hubei province, will cause lack of work force foreseen even when factories resume mass production.

Luckily, Satco confirms that there is still enough high level of inventory of led lamps in its warehouses in USA , now it is working with its supplier to ship high priority items first.Satco notes that it can take enough measures to reduce the anticipated influence on the supply chain as much as it can to ensure normal inventory levels as soon as possible.

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