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The recent outbreak of coronavirus draws more attentions to UVC LED technology applications

As the recent coronavirus is highly contagious, people are more worrying in unhygienic environment. People from different countries are paying more attention to UVC LED technology that has disinfection function. This technology can be integrated with applications for for water, air and surface disinfection, is becoming a hot-sell stuff in the LED industry and the consumer market since the outbreak of coronavirus.

Taiwan-based High Power Lighting (HPL) is ready to launch UVC LED embedded air cleaner with disinfection in 2020. Actually, UVC LED technology is more stable and mature now because chip price is coming down and its related modules have been developed much. The air cleaner is embedded UVC LEDs to reduce bacteria and viruses in the air within the machine. With air circulation, the air can begin the disinfection process , keep diminishing bacteria and viruses in the air totally. 

Besides portable air cleaner, HPL will also sell disinfecting air conditioner and water disinfecting equipments in 2020. Power of UVC LED is not only a factor that influences the efficiency of disinfection but also important for the disinfected objects to be evenly exposed to UVC light  With proprietary optical technology by HPL, the flowing water disinfection module only requires one single 20mW UVC LED to evenly spread the light inside the module, achieving 99.99% disinfection rate.
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