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A latest germ-killing robot can disinfect the inside in an airplane between flights

USA-based Dimer UVC Innovations who has focuses on UVC light disinfection systems, is producing a germ-killing robot that can disinfect airplaines to avoid the spread of coronavirus.
The latest germ-killing robot can disinfect the inside of an airplane to improve hygiene inside
The said germ-killing robot can improve hygiene inside airplane that are at service. With the help of ultraviolet-C (UVC) light to kill viruses, bacteria, and superbugs, the latest system is designed navigate an airplane cabin easily, its strategically placed UVC lamps enables all high-touch surfaces to germicidal UVC light.

The threat of coronavirus might infect innocent passengers on an airplane. The germ-killing robot provided by Dimer UVC Innovations is the first UVC system designed to quickly sanitize an interior surfaces in an aircraft between flights.
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