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Signify has to make temporary price rise duing the coronavirus outbreak

world-famous Signify has to rise selling prices temporarily
The world’s biggest lighting company, Signify, announced to its customers that it will raise price on all LED and lamp electronics as the cost in its logistics chains keep rising due to coronavirus spread.

One of the biggest led lights player, Signify says that it will raise prices on all of led lights and relevant electronics as the recent coronavirus epidemics results in the higher cost in its logistics chains.

Signify told its clients in the US by writing, explaining that the force majeure coronavirus outbreak had caused many additional costs in its logistics chain.For this reason, Signify has to charge a temporary increase of 3% on all led lights, emergency lamps , magnetic and electronic ballasts for orders placed from April 1,2020 later on or for future shipments on orders placed in March. Any new projects quotations or special price agreements will also rely on new price schedule.

Signify is yet to know how long the "temporary"increase will last because it is not certain of the full impact finally. So it has to follow up the situation in real time and share updates with its clients.

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