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Temporary facilities shutdown in the U.S. and Europe might hit world supply chain of automotive components

Facing the wide outbreak of novel coronavirus epidemic in the world, many well-known automobile makers are forced to close their factories temporarily in the U.S. and Europe. It is expected that the closures will influence the supply chains of vehicle components such as front lightints, led headlamps and displays.
More and more facilities shutdown might happen

The manufacture shut down has happened to  Ford, General Motors (GM), Fiat Chrysler and Honda, who has production facilities in North America. It is reported that famous European auto makers  such as Traton,Renault, PSA Group, BMW, Daimler have also suspended the production.
If the shutdowns continues, the paused production will result in late shipment and hit the international sales finally. Following the Sino-US trade disputes starting 2018, many led suppliers from outside China are seeking for new opportunities in automobile to reactivate their business.

The recent coronavirus outbreak starting in China earlier this year has caused delayed start of mass production after Chinese lunar new year, competitors from Korea and Taiwan were seeking opportunity for order shifting. The unexpected spread of the epidemic is making more uncertainties to the supply chain in automotive components.

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