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A newest Plug-n-Play UV LED has been developed to fight COVID-19 virus

A latest 4-foot Plug-n-Play UV LED has been launched by US Lighting group, which can be used for surface sterilication to kill the virus such as COVID-19. The US Lighting Group has obtained two relevant technology patents for UV LED Light Projection Method and Apparatus using ultraviolet and LED lights technology.

Basically speaking, UV LEDs are solid-state devices that produce light when electrical current flows from the positive (p-type or anode) side of a semiconductor circuit to the negative (n-type or cathode) side, creating a p-n junction. Each UV LED emits a narrow bandwidth of light at the junction where positive doped semiconductor holes join with negative electrons when voltage is applied.
The latest Plug-n-Play UV LED can kill COVID-19 virus

It is announced that These latest UV LED light bulbs are able to disinfect viruses in crowded areas including hospitals, supermarkets, schools, airports, medical labs, senior care centers, fire and police stations. Professional researches have proven that UV lights are able to kill pathogens like flus and superbugs. UV LED lights will be effective to disinfect viral pathogens by protecting patients, customers, workers and families against the spread of COVID-19 infections. It is estimated that a great growth will be seen for the market of newest UV LEd light bulbs in the near future.
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