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The current trend of LED headlamps for vehicles

According to our market survey, LED head lamp, LED direction lamp and led panel light is taking the strongest growth trend while ambient led light is more and more popular in high-end cars.

With the gradually increasing market share of automobile led lights for exterior illumination, the cost of high-power led chip is going down. Notiably, LED headlamps tend to be more diverse. The world-famous manufacturers have kept launching single or two chip LED chips for led head lights in low beam.Thanks to the miniaturzation development of LED chips, LED head lamps can achieve more flexible designs ranging from functional product to an intelligent system or combining with projection function. For this reason, the market value and penetration rate of LED headlight will keep growing later on. Also, the wide application of dequential direction lamp will result in quickly increasing LED penetration rate and market value for direction lamp.

The price-performance ratio of led panel lights has increased quickly because more and more automotive panel manufacturers begin the production.A LED panel light can improve the specification of a vehicle under a limited budget.The size of led panel light and the number of installation keep growing.Facing the recent trend of intelligent lighting, some manufacturers have introduced built-in driver  IC RGB LED to automotive ambient lighting so as to achieve full color blending and dynamic situation effect. However, its relevant application is mostly made on luxury cars in OE market.
The development trend of auto LED head lights
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